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Welcome to the Market Bunnies. As a Filipino and an experience trader, our goal is to influence more Filipinos to learn more about the Forex Market. To better improve this website tell us of what you would like to learn about the trading industry.

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What Is Forex?

Forex is a short term name of Foreign Exchange. It involves buying and selling different currencies in a single market. It is like your local market where you buy a product for a certain amount and sell the product to different local market for a saleable amount. It is no different to currency trading. With … More What Is Forex?

Why Beginner Traders Fail

Remember that there’s no easy money. We always have to take time and effort to understand something in order to make profit from it. The beginning always is the hardest but if you follow and believe in the process, you will surely succeed and be more hungry to improve your strategies.

Pin Bar Pattern

A Pin Bar is a reversal pattern that has a long tail with small body. That also implies the rejection of the price thus it can signal us that the price will change its direction. For example, a bearish pin bar may seem like forming an arrow down thus, the direction of the trend signals … More Pin Bar Pattern

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