What Is Forex?

Forex is a short term name of Foreign Exchange. It involves buying and selling different currencies in a single market. It is like your local market where you buy a product for a certain amount and sell the product to different local market for a saleable amount. It is no different to currency trading. With … More What Is Forex?

Pin Bar Pattern

A Pin Bar is a reversal pattern that has a long tail with small body. That also implies the rejection of the price thus it can signal us that the price will change its direction. For example, a bearish pin bar may seem like forming an arrow down thus, the direction of the trend signals … More Pin Bar Pattern

Inside Bar Pattern

This pattern looks like a mirror of an Engulfing Bar Pattern. The preceding candle is engulfing the second candle. It is also a reversal pattern that can indicate the change in trend especially when this pattern is located at tops or bottoms. On a strong trending market, this can indicate a continuation pattern. To use … More Inside Bar Pattern

How to Start Trading Forex Market using MT4 Platform

1. Create an account on your specified broker such as Juno Markets or any brokers that represents the MT4 Platform. Click this links to open an account for Demo Account and Live Account 2. Download the MT4 Platform app in Playstore or AppStore or Download the MT4 software for you PC or Laptop in Juno … More How to Start Trading Forex Market using MT4 Platform