Forex Trading can be simple but the process of learning and understanding it may be quite complicated at first so here are the topics or points that may help you learn the terminologies, logic, psychology, and management.

  • Forex 101
    • What is Forex?
    • Who trade in the Forex Market?
    • How to read Japanese Candlesticks
    • How to use MT4
  • Trading System
    • Backtesting
  • Basic Technical Analysis
    • Time frame
    • Candlestick Pattern
    • Elliot Wave
    • Moving Average
    • Support and Resistance
  • Trading Techniques
  • Types of Indicators
    • Single line (dynamic support) (Parabolic SAR)(chart overlay indicator)
    • Two cross line
    • Histogram
    • Overbought and Oversold
    • Convergence and Divergence
  • Advanced Trading Techniques
  • Risk Management
  • Psychology
  • Money Management
  • Fundamental Analysis

Make a habit of learning and improving the techniques and also be willing to spend at least 4380 hours in learning and you will be a successful and profitable trader. Good luck on your journey! Now, let the learning journey begin.